Choose Chicago can assist leisure travel professionals - tour operators, receptive operators, travel agents, group leaders and bank travel managers - with all the necessary steps in developing Chicago programs. 

In addition to our Chicago office, international representatives located in China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Germany are knowledgeable in travel to Chicago. Click here for contact information for our International Offices.

Meet Our Choose Chicago Team

If you are an individual tourist or family seeking recommendations for dining, attractions, shopping, etc., please contact If you are a member of the travel trade (tour operator, travel agent, receptive), please see contacts below.


Brian Said
Brian Said, Vice President, Global Development
Phone: 312-567-8510
Arnaldo Altorán
Arnaldo Altorán, Director, Global Development
Phone: 312-567-8571
Phone: Fax: 312-567-8504
Naomi Hattori
Naomi Hattori, Director, Global Development, Asia Pacific
Phone: 312-567-8526
Phone: Fax: 312-567-8504
Paul Nowak, Director, Global Development
Phone: 312-567-8474
Phone: Fax: 312-567-8504
Jodie Bodeker
Jodie Bodeker, Coordinator, Global Development
Phone: 312-567-8458
Armstrong Guan, China - Chengdu Office
Phone: +86-135-4784-1393
Yaseen Yin, China - Shanghai Office
Phone: +86-136-8835-5923
Simone Saxer, Germany Office (in partnership with Illinois Office of Tourism)
Phone: +49-69-255 38-280
Marjorie Dewey, Japan Office (in partnership with Illinois Office of Tourism)
Phone: +81-90-3689-9592
Yolanda Fletcher, United Kingdom Office (in partnership with Illinois Office of Tourism)
Phone: +44-0-1295-722-816