What is Green Dining?

Chicago's visitors and residents can easily identify eco-friendly dining options with the Next Bite's Guaranteed Green distinction.

In an effort to enable diners in Chicago to easily identify and support restaurants, caterers and other foodservice operations that have achieved a markedly high level of environmental responsibility, Next Bites, formerly known as the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, created the Guaranteed Green Chicago program. 

Local restaurants have been certified by either the Green Restaurant Association or Green Seal, two independent, national non-profits with comprehensive environmental standards. In order to earn certification, establishments must:

  • Achieve significant standards in energy, water and waste reduction
  • Make an effort to purchase environmentally preferable food
  • Use ecofriendly disposables, cleaning products and furnishings

Eco Friendly Restaurants

Next Bite's has a full list of Chicago Certified Green Restaurants, with star certification ratings based on a location's energy, food, water, waste and disposables practices. Local restaurants recognized by Next Bites include:

Green Seal also has a list of restaurants or food services in Illinois that meet the organization's Green Seal GS-55 Standard.


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