'Tis the season to be merry, and with these trends and ideas for your next holiday party or seasonal corporate event, your meeting will be unforgettable.   


  • Stay Within Traditional Holiday Color Schemes.
    An easy way to ensure your event gives off a holiday vibe is by committing to one main color: think red, green, white or silver. From there, take it up a notch by adding eye-catching elements to offset your color scheme: glittering disco balls, dramatic draping, lighting effects or dazzling chandeliers. The knowledgeable design professionals at Revel Decor can also coordinate rentals like furniture, bars and more to fit your color scheme seamlessly. The effect will be cohesive with  a dash of innovation.
  • Use Eye-Catching Yet Affordable Design Elements.
    Make the most of tall ceilings by adding strings of holiday lights overhead. The effect is festive and illuminating, and the cost is minimal. Another option is hanging reflective ornaments of various sizes overhead. 
  • Fresh Greenery Goes a Long Way. 
    Pine boughs and greenery can add a festive feel in two ways: visually, there's nothing that says holidays like freshly cut garlands, plus they smell fantastic. Choose from cedar, spruce or pine to conjure up thoughts of Christmas trees, or ask the floral design experts at The Flower Firm for something more unexpected and unique, like boxwood, magnolia or olive leaf. Greenery arrangements can decorate walls, tables and more.



  • Make Guests Feel Like Red Carpet Attendees. 
    Want to add a dose of celebrity style to your event? Nothing says glamour like a red carpet entrance, complete with photographers capturing your attendees arriving as they look their best. Another ever-popular option is an onsite photo booth, stocked with fun and festive props and offering a keepsake photo-strip for attendees to remember the evening. Contact Deja Views Event & Celebrity Photo & Video to discuss how to bring some celebrity style to your next event.
  • Choose a Festive Theme.
    Want to make sure your event feels cohesive and your attendees have a great time? Get them in the spirit with a fun holiday theme. Go for an offbeat, quirky vibe with A Christmas Story event, opt for classic elegance with a "White Christmas" party, or integrate multicultural elements with a "Holidays Around the World" theme. When you work with a comprehensive event planning company like Platinum Events or Event Creative, it's easy to integrate your theme into the decorations, menu, music and gift favors.



  • Gift-Giving For Your Attendees.
    If gifting is a desirable component to your event, there are a number of ways to incorporate giving to your attendees. Include luxe party favors on tables, or offer gift bags at the end of the event. Door prizes are an exciting way to feature larger gift items, and smaller gifts can be incorporated through a gift exchange. 
  • Integrate Charitable Contributions.
    If you'd like to encourage charitable gift giving from attendees at your event (particularly if planning a fundraiser or an event for a nonprofit), consider hosting a silent auction (or a live auction if appropriate for the event), or encourage attendees to bring a small present that can fill up Santa's sleigh or that can be placed under a large holiday tree.