Everyone is welcome to play! Climb on a ship, hide in a treehouse, construct a building, invent a flying machine, dam up a river, make art to take home – there's always something new and exciting to discover at the Chicago Children's Museum.

Chicago Children's Museum is the place where play and learning connect. Located on historic Navy Pier, the museum is three stories of fun for families. Over 15 interactive exhibits and daily programs make math, science, reading, the arts and the city's vibrant cultures come alive for kids, while special areas just for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are a perfect time to bond together and embrace movement and interaction.



Over 15 exhibits are a haven for learning and filled with everything from T-Rex claws to teddy bears and digital raindrops to fully-functional waterfalls.

  • Play and tinker! Explore and experiment in the Tinkering Lab, Chicago's first DIY maker-space for families! Step into the ultimate workshop where we provide the space and resources, and you decide what to do next. REAL tools, REAL materials and the freedom to innovate and explore life outside those fancy computer and smartphone screens!


  • Play and discover! Dig in at the Dinosaur Expedition and let your aspiring archaeologist unearth bones in the excavation pit. Here you follow in the path of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno and pretend to be part of the team that discovered a new type of dinosaur in the Sahara Desert. Their own kid-sized brush and work tools help to remove the "dirt" while a life-sized skeleton of the suchomimus stands nearby.


  • Play and splash! Water, water everywhere in the massive WaterWays space. Pump it through pulleys, squirt it down pipes and let it flow through river locks. Outfit your little one with the raincoats on hand and explore the many different uses of water. Let them touch and feel to their heart's content and don't worry... hand dryers are available nearby!


  • Play and build! Work out shapes at Skyline and design a mix of structures – skyscrapers, houses, bridges and more. Tinker around with wood struts and get a handle on where nuts and bolts come in. Their own tools and construction hat will have them looking like one of the crew.


  • Play and giggle! Capture your young one's imagination at the Pritzker Playspace. You'll all have a blast as your curious crawler discovers new sights and sounds, all geared toward kids under age 5. A daily open playgroup is perfect for meeting other young families and making new friends.

Within the numerous exhibit play areas, kid-friendly programming celebrates lifelong learning. Check out the daily calendar at the Chicago Children's Museum for a schedule of what's in store. Or plan a visit around some of the seasonal offerings, from pretend ice skating (in socks!) in the winters to summer dance parties.


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