If you think Chicago is windy (they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing!), wait until you experience iFLY. Whether you’ve ever dreamed of flying, or have always wanted to try skydiving but just can’t get up the nerve to jump from a plane, the iFLY experience is the ideal thrill for you. The Chicago area is home to three iFLY locations: downtown Lincoln Park and in suburban Rosemont and Naperville.

Stop Dreaming and Start Flying

iFLY delivers on the dream of flight for everyone, having flown over 8.5 million people ranging in age from 3-103. But there’s no jumping or parachutes here—just an indoor vertical wind tunnel powered by fans creating a smooth cushion of air that simulates the floating feeling of free-falling. In other words, you literally fly through the air in a safe and fun environment. And you never have to worry about unpredictable Chicago weather—you can go indoor skydiving rain or shine!

At check-in, flyers sign a waiver and then head over to the flight deck area to get a preview of what’s in store, watching other guests take their turns at flying. Then it’s on to a classroom, where a friendly certified flight instructor provides training, with tips on proper body position and a checklist of the hand signals instructors will use while you are flying. Next, it’s time to slip into your gear, including a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

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Now you’re ready to fly. Your instructor will help you into the flight chamber (tip: just lean in) and will stay with you the entire flight, helping you to soar like a superhero. Afterwards, you’ll receive a personalized flight certificate, with keepsake pictures and video of your exhilarating flight available for purchase.

The entire iFLY experience lasts nearly 1.5 hours, with each flight equivalent to 1.5 skydives. There are several packages available, from the basic option of two flights for one person ($69.95) to the family package that includes 10 flights that can be shared by up to five people, plus five free video clips of the flight session ($299.95).

iFLY Events

iFLY is also a great place to hold a one-of-a-kind party or corporate event, with catering and meeting room options, unique spaces and transportation available. In addition, iFLY offers a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education Program for students that was specially designed by teachers and STEM professionals to support classroom learning. Talk about a cool field trip!

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iFLY for Pro-Flyers

iFLY so closely replicates the experience of skydiving that pro-flyers come here to practice their free fall skills. Special packages with longer flight sessions (up to 60 minutes) are offered for experienced individuals and group flyers.

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So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight at iFLY online now.


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