Chicago's transportation providers have made a commitment to offering environmentally-conscious services to their customers. By reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency and bettering other resource conservation practices, Chicago's transit systems have made great strides toward a more sustainable future.


  • Solar panels: O'Hare International Airport sustainability program includes installing 52 acres of solar panels for renewable energy
  • Green Airplane Rating: Several concessions at both Midway and O'Hare have earned Green Airplane Ratings for eco-friendly practices. Such as purchasing locally grown food, avoiding Styrofoam, using biodegradable cutlery and donating surplus food to charities
  • Sustainable food: O'Hare is home of the world's first airport aeroponic garden, which provides fresh produce and herbs to the airport's restaurants year-round

For more information about O'Hare Airport's commitment to the environment, click here. For more information about Midway Airport's sustainability efforts, click here


  • Reducing emissions: The CTA replaces the equivalent of about 400,000 vehicles on regional roads each weekday
  • Supplementing power: Many ‘L' cars are equipped with an innovative braking system that transfers electrically back to the third rail, supplementing power to nearby trains
  • Increasing fuel efficiency: The CTA currently operates a fleet of more than 200 hybrid buses that achieve 20 percent greater fuel efficiency that standard diesel buses
  • Conserving energy: Subways and various platforms have been retrofitted with energy efficient lighting

For more information about what the Chicago Transit Authority is doing to go green, click here.


Photos by Adam Alexander