Since 2007, McCormick Place has committed itself to conservation and ecologically sustainable initiatives. By prioritizing sustainable green policies as a top business strategy, it is now the largest convention center in North America to be certified with a new international sustainability standard.

ASTM Standard

McCormick Place has achieved level one certification with the ASTM Standard pertaining to the Evaluation and Selection of Venues for Environmentally Sustainable meetings, events, trade shows and conferences.

Wind Energy

McCormick Place is offsetting 100% of its energy consumption with alternative wind energy by purchasing Green-e Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), saving an estimated 730 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over the course of three years.

Sustainable Food

The Midwest’s largest farm-to-fork rooftop garden sprawls atop McCormick Place West. Planted in partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden, the soil grows kale, carrots, golden beets, cherry tomatoes, dill, cilantro, and other herbs and vegetables for use in the convention center’s restaurants and catering. At home in the garden there are 30,000 honey bees that annually pollinate plants, producing 30lbs of honey.