Chicago’s art, music and film scene is like none other. From our famous blues clubs to supper clubs playing late night jazz, from soul to salsa, there’s no shortage of hot places to hang out, dance, and get into the music that beats throughout every neighborhood in Chicago. Build your itinerary around these picks, or plan a trip around a performance or festival. Nearly every type of musical style can be enjoyed – and don’t forget the renowned Lyric Opera of Chicago and the famed Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Critics around the world continue to lavish praise on Chicago’s incredibly diverse theatre scene. Chicago is a premier destination for people who appreciate incredible acting talents and first-class productions. Every Chicago itinerary should include a stop to at least one of the award-winning theatre companies or storefront companies.

Not only are the theater productions worth watching, Chicago is a movie lover’s dream. Blockbusters and indie films (tv shows too!) showcase the city on screens of all sizes. Whether interested in watching movies in the park or taking a film tour of Chicago movies, you’ll see why Chicago has been a mecca for filmmaking.

You could spend a lifetime exploring art, music and film in Chicago. Now is a great time to start!

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