1. Upon logging in, you will be taken to your home screen. Click on the LEADS tab at the top if you are not defaulted to directly to this tab.
  2. On this screen, you can view the following:
    1. Any Status - all Leads (assigned to you by your properties' lead catcher)
    2. New - lead is not lost or definite and the response date has not past
    3. Pending - lead is not lost or definite but the response date has past
    4. Closed/Won leads turned definite where your property was chosen
    5. Closed/Lost leads turned definite where your property was not chosen OR the lead was turned to lost business
    6. Closed/TBD - leads turned definite but the client has not chosen a hotel


You are able to sort your leads in various ways:

  1. Using one of the three (3) drop-down filters at the top:
    1. Status - Using this filter, you can select New, Pending, or Closed leads. Each status is explained in detail above.
    2. Group - This filter allows you to select the group which the lead originated from. (NOTE: you will only have access to Meeting Sales leads on the extranet).
    3. Responses - Select 'Yes' or 'No' to view leads you have either responded to or have not yet entered a response for.
  2. Keyword Search - This quick search tool allows you to search any part of the lead, including the account information, by keyword.
  3. Using the Starts With letters (below the filters but above the leads grid) which points to the Lead Name will display only those leads that start with the letter you select.
  4. Clicking on any of the Column Headers to sort ascending or descending by Lead ID, Lead Name, Organization, Hotel Response Date, Dates, Status, or Responded Yes/No.

There may be instances where your property is added to a lead a few weeks or months after it is initially created, based on the changing needs of the client. In this case, the status may be "Pending" and it may not appear in the top 10-12 leads listed. Using the filters will be helpful in these cases.


1. Click on the Lead ID or Lead Title of a NEW lead to open the lead (NOTE: Once the Hotel Response Date has passed, you will not be able to respond or edit your lead responses via the extranet. Please contact the Choose Chicago Sales Manager for further response options).

Review the details of your lead - If a response is required, scroll down to the Responses section. At the bottom left corner, you will see the ADD YOUR RESPONSE link to respond. In some cases, you are to also respond to the client directly. See the Preferred Method area for the manner in which the client prefers to be contacted. The Comments or Action Requested fields may provide more information regarding responding.Extranet - Responding

NOTE: You may see two or more links to add your response if the lead has more than one set of dates the client is considering. Please respond to both scenarios.

2. Click "Add Your Response" to respond to the lead.Extranet - RespondingExtranet - Responding

3. Fill in the appropriate information, and click "Save" at the bottom:

  1. Pursuing this Lead? - Select 'Yes' or 'No' to answer whether or not the property is pursuing the lead.
  2. Comments - Enter any additional comments the property has provided for their response, whether that be a note about the availability of non-smoking rooms or the reason for not pursuing the lead.
  3. Bureau-Only Comments - Comments put in this section are intended only for Choose Chicago reference and not for client view. Information recorded by you in this area is confidential. No other member can see your response info. Only the staff at Choose Chicago will see your response (often only the Sales Rep working the lead).
  4. Property Rate Range - Enter the rate range for the available rooms. If you have more than one room type available, enter the lowest rate to the highest rate for all rooms.
  5. Requested Rooms - This field will automatically sum all room night entries in the Room Entry field.
  6. Peak Night Rooms -This field will automatically sum all peak room night entries entered in the Room Entry field.
  7. Room Entry - Enter the room availability for each night broken out by room types.
  8. File Attachments - Attach any documents the client may have sent in with their response.
  9. Additional Information - Any custom fields created by your system administrator will display in this section.

Please add a response even if you are not pursuing the business!! All items in red are required fields.

4. After entering a response, the response links will change to Edit Your Response and View Your Response. This allows you to update your responses or view current or past responses.Extranet - Responding

NOTE: If Hotel Response Date has passed, you will only be able to view your response, not edit.Extranet - Responding

5. If the meeting dates change after a response has been submitted, your response will become invalid. Your responses will then display 'Response is invalid. The Requested Room Dates have changed' in the Date Type field internally in our system and will go back to 'No Response Entered' status on your end.Extranet - Responding


It is very important for the CVB to learn when and where business is booked. This applies not only to lodging properties, but to any member type.

If you confirm a booking or rooms, please indicate "Booked Business", the date(s) booked by the client, the date you are entering this response information and your initials. Please retain any information previously entered in the response area.

  • If the Response Date has not passed: you can enter this information in the Comments Box.
  • If the Response Date has passed: Email the CVB SM directly with your booked business info.

Extranet - Responding

NOTE: Entering a response does NOT send an email to the CVB sales manager. Typically your response won't be viewed until the Member Response Date. If you find any information in the lead has changed once you talk to the client, or if you have any questions about the information in the lead, please contact the CVB sales manager directly by either phone or email.

See our step-by-step instructional video

Issues or Questions?

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With lead-specific questions, please contact the Sales Manager listed in the lead or you may also contact Maria Alvarez, Manager, Sales Administration, at (312) 567-8557 or


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