With more than 65,000 Chinese residents, Chicago's Chinatown is one of the largest neighborhoods of its kind in the United States. Located on the city's near South Side, the vibrant and energetic culture is reflected in the area's many specialty shops, authentic cultural cuisine and signature landmarks, like Ping Tom Memorial Park and a Buddhist Temple.

The main drag of Wentworth Avenue is a dim sum drenched display of Chinese food perfection. Along this epic street, you will discover restaurants, distinctive boutique shopping and the Chinatown Gate, a beautifully ornamented entryway to the neighborhood.

Just north of the Wentworth Avenue District is Chinatown Square, the largest Chinese mall in the Midwest. Besides hosting award-winning restaurants, like Phoenix or Lao Sze Chuan, you will find an incredible collection of public art that includes zodiac-inspired animal sculptures and twin pagodas. The area's signature piece, an enormous tile mosaic created by celebrated artists Yan Dong and Zhou Ping, represents the accomplishments of Chinese people in America. Rather poetically, the mural embodies the neighborhood as a significant gift to Chicago.   

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