1. Our airports are accessible.
Chicago leads the way when it comes to accessibility. We rest conveniently in the center of the country and boast two first-class airports with thousands of daily inbound and outbound flights to more than 80 destinations.

Nearly 50 carriers (and their regional airline partners) serve O'Hare and Midway, which means attendees can easily travel on the airline of their choice and international visitors enjoy the ease of nonstop flights. Visit for more info.

O'Hare International Airport

2. We're a global headquarter base.
World Business Chicago heralds the city as a hub of international business activity. Chicago is home to well over 1,800 foreign-based companies with more than $100 billion in foreign direct investment.

  • Chicago is a technology start-up hot bed and home to 36 Fortune 100 companies.
  • IBM's annual Global Location Trends report named Chicago the top North American city for investment.
  • Chicago's robust international business resources include 80+ Consulates/Consuls General, and 100+ international/ethnic Chambers of Commerce and international trade organizations.
  • Chicago's 28 international sister cities also help to strengthen and expand the city's global partnerships.

3. We're a melting pot of cultures.
Known as a "city of neighborhoods," Chicago has 77 diverse communities bursting with their own distinctive vibe, culture, attractions and cuisine.

International visitors appreciate the city's distinct art, history and languages. Chicago boasts one of the largest Chinatown neighborhoods in the country. Visit Andersonville's bustling commercial area for a strong Swedish and LGBTQ presence. Lincoln Square & Ravenswood offer German flair in its ethnic businesses, old-fashioned shops and hip restaurants, while Pilsen houses Mexican-American culture in the form of vibrant street murals, art galleries and authentic Mexican eateries.


4. We have the Chicago Greeter Program.
Completely free and uniquely customized to individual interests, the popular Chicago Greeter service is offered year-round in 11 languages (Cantonese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) and covers more than 25 neighborhoods and 40 interest areas. Booking a 2- to 4-hour guided sightseeing walk is simple, and is ideal for small groups up to six.

Hyde Park InstaGreeter Heller House

Visit to learn more.

5. We speak the language.
Choose Chicago and the city of Chicago offer translated materials, multilingual tours, multilingual hotel staff and more.

  • Multilingual Hospitality 
    • Chicago hotels and restaurants cater to international visitors by offering special services like multilingual staff or information translated into multiple languages
  • Chicago's International Numbers
    • 1.31 million overseas travelers in 2014
    • 2 renowned international airports
    • 100+ hotels with multilingual staff
    • 28 international sister cities
    • 80+ foreign consulates (view them all at 
    • 77 diverse ethnic communities
    • 140 countries represented

6. We know the medical community. 
There are more than 650 hospitals in the Chicagoland area and more than 10,000 practicing physicians in Illinois. Large international medical shows select Chicago for our accredited universities and medical associations headquartered here.

Segway Tour 

7. Chicago promises an unforgettable trip.
International travelers are welcomed with a host of experiential itineraries and classic Chicago events. Stunning architecture, beautiful parks, live music hotspots, luxurious encounters, youthful fun, wintertime escapades or holiday celebrations—Chicago offers it all. Depending on your interests, use our curated itineraries to help international visitors explore the city.