Planning a Chicago meeting or event? Here's how to boost your brand's presence by thoughtfully incorporating your company logo or event theme into different aspects of the experience.


  • Prior to the event, research what social media channels attendees use frequently and assign a staff member to manage and update all brand profiles and websites during the function
  • Photo booths and backdrops are popular features that often have high success rates. Design an eye-popping and engaging set (or have a logo-infused background digitally added) where guests can take photos and then post them on social media
  • From the step-and-repeat to inventive displays with lighting, digital banners (or even an ice sculpture!), make sure it ties into the company and signage encourages attendees to use hashtags that correspond to the brand or message. #Brilliant

Ice scuplture display

Event photo booth


  • Is your target audience the health-conscious, outdoorsy type? Add a fun challenge or competition like an obstacle course and hand out branded water bottles
  • Looking to engage the artistic, creative crowd? Set up a station that fits the event theme where guests can paint and draw, get temporary tattoos or create their own jewelry; or hold a contest where they create a design incorporating the company logo
  • If food and drink get your audience going, have fun with a build-your-own sweets station with a logo gift bag to carry home candy in

Interactive jewelry station

IPW 2014 Chicago

Interactive sweet station


  • When designing company-branded items like bags and T-shirts, make sure they're high quality, stylish, and something an attendee would wear or use again
  • Electronics: mobile phone chargers, flash drives and headphones are always hot takeaways
  • Heavy-use seasonal items: umbrellas, flip flops, gloves and hats
  • Food items: candies, desserts, breakfast treats, popcorn and other snacks that tie into the event or brand 
  • Use swag to encourage early registration: invest in a specialty item or gift bag for the first 100 to 150 participants who sign up to receive

Event giveaways


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