When you choose Chicago for your event, you will receive expert assistance from Choose Chicago’s Client Services Department.

We will work with you months in advance to provide instrumental details on special event venues, attendance building strategies and promotional tools. Our experience and skills will guide you to an unforgettable experience in Chicago.

Meet Our Team

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Rose Horcher, CEM, CMP
Rose Horcher, CEM, CMP, Vice President of Client Services
Phone: 312-567-8463
Cindy Payne, CMP
Cindy Payne, CMP, Director, Client Services
Phone: 312-567-8457
Roz Stuttley
Roz Stuttley, CMP, Director, Client Services
Phone: 312-567-8596
Natalie Stone
Natalie Foster, Client Services Manager
Phone: 312-567-8501
Morgan Tomaso
Morgan Tomaso, Client Services Manager
Phone: 312-567-8488
Sara Turkowski
Sara Turkowski, Client Services Manager
Phone: 312-567-8574



Mariavel Rodriguez, Client Services Coordinator
Phone: 312-567-8513
Jewel Spencer, Assistant Client Services Manager
Phone: 312-567-8543
Julianne Touhy, Client Services Coordinator
Phone: 312-567-8492