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Attractions Map
Get around Chicago and find our top attractions

The Loop
Find your way around The Loop and get to theaters, attractions and more

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Rail Map
The CTA can provide maps for your use. Please contact Gregory Stepanek 

Magnificent Mile
Familiarize yourself with Michigan Avenue and its attractions

Hyde Park 
Find your way around Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood where the Museum of Science and Industry is among several top attractions

McCormick Place Campus 
This map shows the general layout of the McCormick Place Complex

Detailed McCormick Place Campus Overview 
This three-dimensional layout illustrates the exhibition halls, floors, and services

McCormick Place Dedicated Busway 
This map shows the busway route from downtown to McCormick Place

Average Flight Times to Chicago 
Get the average flight times and mileage from major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

International Flights to Chicago 
See the major flight routes from worldwide cities to Chicago

Average Drive Time to Chicago—Midwest 
Get the average drive times and mileage from major metropolitan areas throughout the Midwest

Chicago Suburbs 
Familiarize yourself with Chicago's surrounding suburbs