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International Flight Times to Chicago

Check out international flight times to Chicago. If your city is not listed, you can use the calculator here. Flight times listed are approximate and vary based on real-time travel conditions. For the most up-to-date travel times, please contact your airline.

Abu Dhabi, UAE14 hours 20 minutes
Athens, Greece10 hours 50 minutes
Auckland, New Zealand16 hours
Barcelona, Spain8 hours 50 minutes
Beijing, China13 hours
Berlin, Germany8 hours 50 minutes
Brussels, Belgium8 hours 20 minutes
Budapest, Hungary9 hours
Buenos Aires, Argentina11 hours
Delhi, India14 hours 45 minutes
Dublin, Ireland7 hours 30 minutes
Florence, Italy9 hours 30 minutes
Frankfurt, Germany8 hours 45 minutes
Hong Kong, China15 hours 20 minutes
Johannesburg, South Africa17 hours
London, United Kingdom8 hours
Luxembourg, Luxembourg8 hours 30 minutes
Madrid, Spain8 hours 30 minutes
Marseilles, France9 hours
Mexico City, Mexico3 hours 40 minutes
Milan, Italy9 hours
Montreal, Canada1 hour 50 minutes
Munich, Germany9 hours
Nice, France9 hours
Paris, France8 hours 20 minutes
Rome, Italy9 hours 40 minutes
São Paulo, Brazil10 hours 25 minutes
Seoul, Korea13 hours
Shanghai, China14 hours
Sydney, Australia18 hours
Tokyo, Japan12 hours 30 minutes
Toronto, Canada1 hour 30 minutes
Vancouver, Canada3 hours 45 minutes
Warsaw, Poland9 hours 20 minutes
Zurich, Switzerland9 hours

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