McCormick Place West LEED
McCormick Place West LEED


Chicago is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, and was among the first to be certified as a sustainable destination for meetings and events by the APEX-ASTM Standard. The "City in a Garden," Chicago is the ideal destination for sustainable businesses to locate and grow. From its nation-leading green roof development to its innovations in transit, water supply, efficient use of energy sources, and waste management, Chicago is in a class of its own when it comes to green, sustainable initiatives.

With a wealth of green meeting spaces and the world's largest convention center certified as a sustainable venue, Chicago is the best city to nurture a successful, environmentally-conscious business.

Below, please find a variety of resources detailing Chicago's green initiatives; information about the world's best energy efficient convention center, McCormick Place; directories of certified hotels and dining venues; and more.


City Initiatives

Chicago is a leader of innovative environmental initiatives. Green, sustainable policies and energy efficient investments ensure a resilient future for the city.

McCormick Place

In June 2013, McCormick Place became the world's largest convention center certified as a sustainable venue. McCormick Place is committed to energy conservation initiatives and the promotion of ecologically-efficient policies and procedures, recognized through the West Building attaining LEED Certification from the U.S. Green Build Council.


The Chicagoland area has eight Green Seal-Certified hotels, recognizing sustainability practices like waste management, energy efficiency and use of eco-friendly products.


Many of Chicago's restaurants and food service operations proactively observe a significant level of environmental responsibility. Chicago's visitors and locals can identify eco-friendly restaurants by looking for the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition's Guaranteed Green distinction.

What Do Green Certifications Mean?

Visit the Green Event App's site to learn each green certification's definition, and see which venues and meeting spaces have been recognized for their sustainability practices.

Sustainable Transportation

The Chicago Transit Authority is committed to providing sustainable transportation with environmentally conscious initiatives. Reducing emissions, supplementing power, increasing fuel efficiency and conserving energy are all CTA methods for going green.

Additional green meetings resources

Find more green meeting resources and information on Chicago's sustainability efforts.