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Year of Chicago Music

Chicago knows how to strike a chord. We’re a city that overflows with rhythm and warmth, from our neighborhood clubs to our iconic festivals and historic theatres.

We’re home to genre-defining artists, from blues legends to hip-hop stars. And we’re the birthplace of house music, Chicago-style jazz, and our own undefinable big-city sound that can only be heard here. Come experience music in the key of Chicago.

Headlining events

Check out some of Chicago’s top music events and festivals.


Our city is home to hundreds of unique venues, from sprawling lakefront parks to iconic neighborhood clubs. Explore them all here.

Chicago Style Sound

Feel the beat of the city with these specially curated playlists from Chicago locals. This month, check out playlists from DCASE Commissioner Mark Kelly and local hip-hop artist Rhymefest.

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Cloudgate (The Bean) at night

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Experience Chicago anywhere. Explore online and indoor activities.
Experience Chicago anywhere. Explore online and indoor activities.