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Through a collection of over 24 million objects, explore the past, present and future of the physical earth, its plants, animals, people and cultures at this beloved Chicago institution.

The Field Museum
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Field Museum

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Chicago's Field Museum, one of the world's great museums of natural history was built to house the biological and anthropological collections assembled for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. Over the last 125 years, the museum's collection has grown to an astounding 24 million objects, ranging from ancient mummies to exquisite gemstones, and endangered plants to dinosaur fossils.

For many years, a 40.5-foot T. rex, with 58 teeth and a killer smile, resided over the Stanley Field Hall. In February 2018, this specimen, affectionately known as SUE, went through the dismantling process to make room for Titanosaur, a giant, long-necked herbivore from Argentina, that stretches 122 feet. Fortunately, SUE will make her reappearance in February 2019 in the popular Evolving Planet gallery. 

The landmark Field Museum building presides proudly over Chicago's lakefront museum campus, and with 4.6 billion years under one roof, it's your passport to travel around the world and back in time.



Cyrus Tang Hall of China: Within five galleries, the 350 objects on display represent everything from Neolithic pottery and jades, Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronzes, and Han and Tang Dynasty burial objects, to Song and Ming Dynasty ceramics, Buddhist and Daoist sculptures from multiple periods, and exquisite rubbings, textiles and paintings.

Inside Ancient EgyptClimb to the top of a mummy's tomb and descend to find the aftermath of robbers. Read the Book of the Dead—a guide to the afterworld - surrounded by coffins, mummies and buried objects.

Evolving PlanetJourney through 4 billion years of life on Earth to find unique fossils, hands-on interactive displays, and recreated sea and land scapes that help tell the story of the Earth's evolution.

The Ancient AmericasGain insight into life within an 800-year-old pueblo.

Underground AdventureShrink to less than an inch, and crawl inside a cicada skeleton to see and feel how tough it is to be a bug.

Grainger Hall of GemsDiscover mystical gemstones and Tiffany & Co. pieces from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. Don't miss the eye-popping 5,890-carat Chalmers topaz or any of the 600 gemstones and 150 pieces of jewelry on display.

Ernst & Young 3-D Theater: Watch The Field's exhibitions come to life in Chicago's only entirely digital 3-D theater.

Abbot Hall of Conservation's Restoring Earth: Follow museum scientists as they study the diversity of life, and team up to protect living treasures from Chicago to South America and the Pacific coral reefs.

Crown Family PlayLabMade for little explorers, this immersive kid-friendly environment has six themed play areas bursting with real artifacts and specimens. Dig up dinosaur bones, grind corn in a Pueblo or put on an animal costume and crawl, hop and fly.

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