If you've got a serious sweet tooth, there's no better place to be than Chicago. You can indulge in award-winning cupcakes, inventive ice creams, world-famous cheesecake and more. Get your dessert fix in sweet home Chicago with these decadent desserts.

1. Donuts

Stan's Donuts
Stan's Donuts

The Doughnut Vault in River North has perfected the Pistachio Old-Fashioned, so simultaneously flavorful and airy that it will send your taste buds into a tizzy. 

Other best bets:

2. Pie

Slices of pie on picnic table
Bang Bang Pie Shop

Try a slice of Fat Elvis, a sweet tooth-tempting mix of chocolate, peanut butter and fresh bananas layered atop a graham cracker-peanut pretzel crust at Hoosier Mama Pie Shop in Ukrainian Village

Other best bests:

3. Chocolate bars

Just Like Snickers® from Beatrix in Chicago

Try a decadent, butter crusted Just Like Snickers®  bar layered with caramel, peanut butter and chocolate and topped with peanut butter and chopped peanuts from Beatrix in River North (multiple locations citywide).

Other best bets:

4. Cake

Tea stand with assorted pastries
Vanille Patisserie

Try a rich Torta Barozzi, an Italian flourless chocolate cake, with orange scented almonds and fresh cream... Mindy's HotChocolate in Bucktown

Other best bets:

5. Ice cream

Original Rainbow Cone Chicago

Try the famous 5-layer cone that piles high a stack of orange sherbert, pistachio, Palmer House, strawberry and chocolate from Original Rainbow Cone at Navy Pier (original location in Beverly)

Other best bets:

6. Cookies

Rice Krispy Chocolate Chip Cookie from The Market at Summer House

After dinner, don't forget to grab a Rice Krispy Chocolate Chip Cookie studded with mini marshmallow treats from The Market at Summer House in Lincoln Park.

Other best bets:

7. Cupcakes

Tray of picnic-themed cupcakes
Swirlz Cupcakes

Try a Salted Caramel Apple Pie cupcake, made with light and fluffy vanilla cake with a cinnamon streusel crust, filled with apple compote, and capped with caramel butter cream, crushed pie dough flakes sprinkle and caramel drizzle from Swirlz Cupcakes in Lincoln Park

Other best bets:

8. Cheesecake

Eli's Cheesecake
Eli's Cheesecake

Try a luscious Banana Nutella Cheesecake topped with hazelnuts from Sweet Mandy B's in Lincoln Park,

Other best bets:


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