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A Hostel Like You've Never Seen: Check Out Chicago's Fieldhouse Jones

Fieldhouse Jones

Many travelers, young and old, opt to stay in hostels to save money. If you’re used to a more luxurious travel experience, you might be turned off by the idea of a hostel. But Fieldhouse Jones is no ordinary hostel. Located between Chicago’s prime Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods, the building is part hostel, part hotel, part Airbnb, and completely unlike any other space in the city.

A Day in Old Town Chicago: Budget Picks & New Neighborhood Haunts

Old Town gate

Old Town is one of Chicago’s most historic neighborhoods, located on the North Side. It’s home to St. Michael’s Church, one of only seven buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire. In more recent times, the neighborhood has become a popular spot for locals and tourists to enjoy great food, shopping and more. Read on for a full day’s itinerary of budget-friendly eats, fun things to do, and new spots to check out in Chicago's Old Town.

Experience Historic Old Town via Chicago Food Planet's Food Tour—Running All Winter Long

Chicago Food Planet Food Tours

From deep-dish pizza to Italian beef sandwiches to caramel-cheese popcorn, Chicago is a city famous for signature tasty treats. Chicago Food Planet capitalizes on the city's delicious traditions with food tours that explore fascinating Windy City history. There are a range of tours to choose from, focusing on different foods and Chicago neighborhoods. This time of year, take advantage of the seasonal Winter Delights tour—a great opportunity to get out and nosh around Chicago's

4 Reasons to See This Comedy Revue on The Second City Mainstage

The Winner…of Our Discontent

Comedy powerhouse The Second City has a brand new Mainstage revue, its 105th to be exact, and this one truly slays. Not only does The Winner...of Our Discontent make you laugh, but it makes you think, and it makes you feel, and it opens your eyes.

Follow in Chef Andrew Zimmern's Footsteps around Chicago!

Jim's Original

Celeb tv personality and chef Andrew Zimmern knows where to go for a good time: he made two trips to Chicago for his popular Bizarre Foods show, and this year he came back to Chicago once again to film an episode of his newest Travel Channel series Driven By Food. Take Zimmern's lead and plan a tour of Chicago in the footsteps of the man who knows a world-class city, a good time and awesome food when he sees it!

Brews and History in Old Town

Old Town EntranceBeing one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that Old Town oozes with tales of the past. Originally known as North Town, many Germans established businesses along North Avenue and, like Starbucks and McDonald’s litter the landscape today, bars and breweries did the same in the mid-1800s. While images of North Town are now faded memories, a few of the local taverns help us remember this wonderfully historic part of Chicago. 

Meet a Chicagoan: The Inspiring Ted Waltmire

Ted Waltmire - Blog

The Mighty Ted is an original comedic musical about the inspirational Ted Waltmire. Ted suffered a stroke just a couple short years ago, damaging not only his body, but his career. Things were emotional and difficult for his friends and family. And, just to cap it all off, the stroke kept him from playing the piano with both hands. By all rights, a tragic story ends right there. But then again, you don't know the amazing human being that is my friend, Ted.

Shop Wells and Enjoy Some of Chicago's Best Stores

With Spring fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than with a wardrobe update. And if you're looking to shop multiple stores without being confined to one location (i.e. "the mall"), then Wells Street in Old Town is the answer!

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