Why Choose Chicago?

Jonathan Porter, Chicago Pizza Tours

A man. A plan. And pizza.

I joined Choose Chicago because, as a startup tour company, I was looking for broad exposure to out of town visitors. My hope was that the story of Chicago Pizza Tours would reach people outside of the city. I wanted to learn more about the tourism trade and make contact with people in my industry.

Since joining Choose Chicago the networking has been great and helped my business reach new customers. I've coordinated valuable programs with executives from YouSwoop and CTM Media Group that I met at a monthly membership event. I've developed a friendly relationship with businesses that draw similar customers like Bike & Roll and Shoreline Sightseeing. I can tell you firsthand that we've accommodated many individuals and large groups as a direct result of our partnership with Choose Chicago.

As a small business owner, I value the impact Choose has given my product in the visitor marketplace. The advertising options are more efficient and less expensive than many other mediums.

Connecting with other partners is key to growing my B2B community as well. I've met a lot of other companies in the tourism industry. When I'm in a pinch, I know I can call someone who has probably faced a similar issue. I reach out to other partners when I have a business need. Many of them have businesses that compliment or support mine and, sometimes, it's nice to have a hand.

From deep dish to brick oven, Chicago Pizza Tours invites Chicago's locals and visitors to explore our city's neighborhoods and delicious local tastes. Since 2009, Jon and his crew have been bringing busloads of hungry mozzarella addicts aboard "Dough Force One" to experience some of our city's most famous pizzerias. For more information, click here.