KOVAL Distillery

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5121 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago IL 60640

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Tour and taste your way through Chicago’s first craft distillery since the mid-1800s. Learn about KOVAL’s unique approach to distilling while sampling the full line of award-winning organic spirits. Pre-register for tours, classes and workshops online at kovaldistillery.com.

KOVAL Distillery is known for creating a line of organic & kosher certified whiskey, gin, and specialty spirits using unique grains, a signature “heart cut” technique, and only the absolute best quality ingredients.

As one of the largest independent and woman-owned craft distilleries in the US, KOVAL is frequently awarded internationally for its bright flavors and eye for design.

KOVAL embraces a grain-to-bottle mentality, from sourcing its organic grains from local Midwestern farmers, to on-site milling and mashing, and finally to distilling, bottling, and packaging. KOVAL is available throughout all 50 states and in 55+ export markets, yet crafts absolutely everything on-site in their Ravenswood distillery.


4.5/5 stars. 141 total yelp reviews.

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