10 Hot Shows To See in Chicago

July 2019


With more than 250 companies, Chicago is known across the world for its innovative and vibrant live theatre scene. Add a performance (or two!) to your Chicago itinerary – plus, experience many shows on a budget with half-price theater tickets from Hot Tix! From Broadway musicals to intimate dramas to sidesplitting comedies, every night you can choose from dozens of shows – including these top plays and musicals playing this July.

Ada and the Engine 

Ada and the Engine

The Artistic Home
1376 W. Grand Ave in West Town 
Now playing through August 4, 2019

As the British Industrial Revolution dawns, young Ada Byron Lovelace (daughter of the flamboyant and notorious Lord Byron) sees the boundless creative potential in the “analytic engines” of her friend and soul-mate, Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. Ada envisions a whole new world where art and information converge – a world she might not live to see. A music-laced story of love, friendship, and the edgiest dreams of the future. Jane Austen meets Steve Jobs in this poignant pre-tech romance heralding the computer age. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!



Pride Films and Plays 
4147 N. Broadway in Buena Park 
Now playing through July 28, 2019

Josh and Alex, a married couple in an open relationship, invite another man, Darius, to share their bed one night. When a new intimate connection begins to form, all three men must come to terms with their individual definitions of love, loyalty, and trust as futures are questioned, relationships are shaken, and commitments are challenged. Note: This show is for mature audiences. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

Back in the Day: An 80’s House Music Dancesical 

UrbanTheater Company at Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St. in Wicker Park 
Now playing through July 27, 2019

Set in the height of Chicago’s street dancing and battle era of the 1980’s. When juice-bars ruled the underage club-scene and DJ’s created a movement. This house music immersive dancesical follows the northside dance crew the ALLSTARS and frenemies, the CULITOS and IMPORTED TASTE as they struggle, soar, and move through life making their own families and redefining for themselves gender norms within a community not yet ready for change. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

Beyond Therapy 

Beyond Therapy

Eclipse Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre 
2936 N. Southport Ave in Lakeview 
Playing July 11 – Aug. 18, 2019

Bruce and Prudence are deeply into therapy. Prudence’s macho therapist is urging her to be more assertive, while Bruce’s wacky female therapist wants him to meet women by placing a personal ad. She does not fully comprehend that Bruce has a male lover who is not pleased by Bruce’s desire to date a woman. Bruce doesn’t know how to handle poor, nervous Prudence, and Prudence doesn’t know what to make of her unpredictable new boyfriend. They do learn to live beyond therapy in this delightful comedic play. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!



Lookingglass Theatre Company 
821 N. Michigan Ave along the Magnificent Mile  
Now playing through August 4, 2019

Within every man there is a monster; within every monster, a man. But which is which? An eerie evening of ghost stories crackles to life as Mary Shelley unspools her tale of Victor Frankenstein and his unholy experiment. This gothic tale of love, horror, and the power to create life — and destroy it —a wakens in this visceral, original retelling of Frankenstein. Fresh from the brain of Ensemble Member David Catlin, creator of Moby Dickand Lookingglass Alice, comes a galvanic adaptation of this undying story. See for yourself this latest invention come to shocking life! Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

Ghost Quartet  

Ghost Quartet

Black Button Eyes Production at Stage 773
1225 W. Belmont Ave in Lakeview 
Now playing July 12 – Aug. 17, 2019

From the mind of Broadway composer Dave Malloy (Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812) comes a musical ghost story of four friends who love each other, kill each other, and drink whiskey across centuries and lifetimes. Ghost Quartet delightfully mashes up Grimms’ fairy tales, Edgar Allan Poe, Arabian Nights, Sondheim, Thelonious Monk, and more. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

Les Misérables

Les Mis

Broadway In Chicago at Cadillac Palace Theatre
151 W. Randolph St in the Loop    
Playing July 9 – 27, 2019

Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. With its glorious new staging and dazzlingly reimagined scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo, this breathtaking new production has left both audiences and critics awestruck. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

The Music Man

Goodman Theatre
170 N. Dearborn in the Loop   
Playing June 29 – August 4, 2019

Seventy-six trombones. One joyous musical masterpiece. He’s charming and charismatic—no wonder con man Harold Hill assumes he can easily fleece the citizens of staid River City, Iowa with the grand promise of a marching band. But the smooth-talking swindler can’t tell a trombone from a treble clef—and Marian, the local librarian, knows it. In his attempt to steal her heart (and save his hide), Harold learns a thing or two about moral responsibility—and unexpectedly enriches the town with a love of music. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

The Recommendation  

Windy City Playhouse
3014 W. Irving Park Road in Irving Park  
Playing July 2 – September 22, 2019

Aaron Feldman arrives at college fully prepared with a charming personality, wealthy father and plenty of connections. His freshman year roommate isn’t so lucky. The middle class student has worked hard to get where he is, and arrived on no one’s coat tails. Despite differing backgrounds, the two young men quickly develop a strong bond and pledge to a life-long friendship. That is, until one finds himself in legal trouble, and the other in a tricky position deciding whether to help. Experience this psychological thriller up close and personal in an immersive style that invites audiences to (literally) walk a mile in these young men’s shoes. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

Wolf Play 

Wolf Play

The Gift Theatre 
4802 N. Milwaukee in Jefferson Park 
Playing July 11 – Aug. 18, 2019

In a world where people struggle to have children, one American couple decides to ‘un-adopt’ their young Korean son because they have a newborn at home. After an internet chat room search for the right family, the father ‘re-homes’ the boy with a lesbian couple, where one half is desperate for a child and the other half is fighting for her career. As the boy — who thinks he’s a wolf, but is really a puppet – adjusts to his new life, he forms bonds with the unlikeliest of culprits while the rest of the adults squabble about what is ‘best for the child.’ Wolf Play is a messy, funny, and moving theatrical experience that grapples with where family allegiance lies. Check for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!


Hamilton: The Exhibition  

Hamilton: The ExhibitionNortherly Island  
1535 S. Linn White Drive on Northerly Island 
Now open through Sept. 8, 2019

Hamilton: The Exhibition takes visitors deeper into Alexander Hamilton’s life as it chronicles the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America. Find yourself in the eye of the hurricane that drove Hamilton to America. Gaze upon the same New York streets where he first landed in 1776. Step into George Washington’s war tent and see the Battle of Yorktown come alive through an intricately reenacted virtual battle. *Note: This is Hamilton: The Exhibition at Northerly Island and NOT Hamilton: The MusicalCheck for half-price tickets at Hot Tix!

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