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Ladies Night: Where To Find Chicago's Best Female Musicians This Week


If you're the type that complains that there aren't enough women making music, that there aren't enough female artists topping music festival bills each summer, take note. Chicago is chock full of female-friendly concerts this week, you just have to know where to look.

Six Dunn Dunn Fest Highlights That Will Warm Up Your Week

Dunn Dunn Fest 2015

How does one define "American music"? There is no one answer. There is no one genre, only a history of talented artists that have popularized dozens of different styles. That's what Chicago's Dunn Dunn Fest sets out to highlight every winter. 

The music festival kicks off this Thursday and will host 15 concerts at six venues over three days. Local and national acts will come together to create another fantastic lineup in 2015. If you're looking

The Empty Bottle's Chili Synth Cook-Off & Outdoor Block Party Will Warm Up Your Winter

Empty Bottle

Let's face it: the last couple months of winter are the hardest ones to get through. You may have lost your motivation towards the "Winter's not going to slow me down!" mantra. Don't succumb to cabin fever. Get out! Enjoy the last few crisp, cold days. 

Ukrainian Village bar and venue the Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave.) has never been one to let a little chilly weather dampen its spirits. Each year as the temperate drops, the Bottle is

Ten x Ten Series Returns to Chicago with Original Art/Music Collaborations

Ten x Ten

The relationship between visual and audio art has never been a subtle one. When paired together, one never fails to inform the other and that's exactly what the producers behind Chicago's Ten x Ten series are hoping for. 

Entering its fourth year, the nearly year-long project pairs local artists and muscians together to create dual-media collaborative works. Inspired by Colin Palombi of Homeroom and Spudnik Press's constant requests to create screenprints

Techno Yoga Is What You're Missing From Your Workout Routine

Rooted Center

Electronic dance music and yoga are, in many eyes, polar opposites when it comes to their intended results. EDM is loud, vacillating and high energy. Yoga is a calm, introspective exercise. It's easy to see how the two elements wouldn't belong together but "Techno Yoga" class at the Rooted Self Expression Center in Wicker Park is all one needs to reconsider. 

Vinyl Lovers Be Warned, The Monsters Are Here

DJ Turntable

It's ironic that, in the age of records' resurgence as a popular music format, DJs are using more software than vinyl than ever before. The production and accessibility of these programs may be at its highest rate but that classic needle-on-wax sound is missing from too many clubs around town. 

Luckily, one Chicago events group isn't taking the shift in dance music lying down. Cage and Aquarium continues its Monster Eat Laptops series this month and will make

5 Reasons You Should Spend Your New Year's Eve With Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K.

Ask Andrew W.K. what his yearly New Year's resolution is and he'll answer, "try to be the best person I can be." Now that's a guy we want to ring in 2015 with. 

Luckily, we can and you can too. The front man and professional partier brings his full band to Thalia Hall on December 31. Not familiar with Andrew or need more reasons to believe this show is your best bet for New Year's Eve? He hopped on the phone with us to do some more

Christmas Wish List: How to Please the Music Fan in Your Life

Chicago Music Exchange

It's that time of year again. A time for heartfelt Christmas presents and smile-inducing stocking stuffers. Holiday shopping is nigh and if you have a music lover in your life, you might consider these gifts. 

The Best New Year's Eve Concerts In Chicago (That Aren't Sold Out Yet)

Mucca Pazza

It's hard to believe we're already here again. It seems like just yesterday we were planning how we were going to ring in 2014, then planning our festival season, then anticipating the fall tours, and so on.

But the year is drawing to a close. If you thought your choices for New Year's Eve were tough in 2013, the options are more enticing than ever this December 31. Unfortunately most of these shows are a hot ticket so you'll have to make up your mind quickly. The

Chicago Celebrates 75 Years Of Mavis Staples Next Week With Star-Studded Concert

Mavis Staples

Earlier this year we highlighted singer Mavis Staples' stunning span of contributions to Chicago's music community over the past half century. She was also the subject of a recent biography by Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot. Her hometown shows seem to attract larger and larger crowds every time she plays. And, yet, none of this seems like quite enough to honor a woman who has accomplished so much in her life.

Next week, Mavis Staples finally gets
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