Four decades of groundbreaking productions. Accolades that include the National Medal of Arts and nine Tony® Awards. Welcome to Steppenwolf – where great acting meets big ideas.

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They will challenge you to think harder, laugh longer, feel more. True to its mission, Steppenwolf Theatre Company consistently delivers dynamic and exciting theater that will hit you hard.

Steppenwolf celebrates collaboration with rich, intense performances that advance the vitality and diversity of American theater. Prepare to be moved by superb writers, like Tracy Letts (August: Osage County) and Bruce Norris (Clybourne Park, a Pulitzer Prize-winning work), who deliver a high level of drama and emotion to their ground-breaking productions. See passion on stage as fearless actors weave layers of story with emotion, relating to how we live our lives today.

Steppenwolf grew out of a basement performance space in one of Chicago's northern suburbs when a small group of ambitious high school and college friends decided to share their talent with the world. Their decision has resulted in nine Tony Awards®, a National Medal of Arts, an Illinois Arts Legend Award and countless Joseph Jefferson citations, Chicago's local theater prize. Ensemble members include such household names as Joan Allen, John Mahoney, Laurie Metcalf, John Malkovich, Amy Morton and cofounder Gary Sinise.

After nearly four decades, the nation's premier ensemble theater continues to expand and is now a company of 43 artists whose strengths include acting, directing, playwriting and textual adaptation. Every season offers an incredible range of plays, from world premieres to surprising adaptations of great classics.

2013-2014 SEASON

Getting Ahead, the 2013-14 Steppenwolf season, explores through five stories our hunger to come out on top, and the discoveries we make on the way:

  • The Wheel
    September 12 - November 10 (*American Premiere)
    On a 19th century Spanish farm, Beatriz is happily preparing for her sister's wedding when the house is overrun by soldiers. In the chaos, she becomes the unintentional guardian of a young girl. Her determination to reunite the child with her father sweeps Beatriz along on a journey across war zones and through time. But what began as a simple act of kindness takes on a strange twist when the girl acquires curious powers. The Wheel is a spellbinding story of what happens to hope and human nature in times of war.

  • Tribes
    December 5–February 9, 2014 (*Chicago Premiere)
    Billy's intellectual and proudly eccentric English family is its own tiny empire: private languages, in jokes and fiery arguments. Billy, deaf since birth, is the only one who truly listens. When he meets his girlfriend Sylvia, he is introduced to a larger Deaf community, which sparks a struggle for self-identity and rebellion against his family. Tribes is a sharp, witty story about finding the place where you can be heard-and the family where you belong.

  • Russian Transport
    February 6–May 11, 2014 (*Chicago Premiere)
    A rowdy Russian family in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is on a daily hustle to achieve the American Dream. When Uncle Boris arrives from the old country, his mysterious business ventures force the family to decide just how far they are willing to go to come out on top. A funny, passionate family drama that slyly transforms into a heart-pounding thriller, Russian Transport is a fascinating look at the contemporary American immigrant experience.

  • The Way West
    April 3–June 8, 2014 (*World Premiere)
    In a modern-day California town that's seen better days, Mom shares death-defying tales of pioneer crossings with her two squabbling adult daughters as she waits for her bankruptcy to come through. Peppered with original prairie songs, this hilarious and heartbreaking play about today's American family explores the mixed blessing of our great frontier spirit, which has fueled both self-delusion and survival.

  • The Qualms
    July 3–August 31, 2014 (*World Premiere)
    At a beachside apartment complex, a group of friends gathers for their regular evening of food, drink, drugs and partner-swapping. When Chris and Kristy attempt to become the newest members, the evening does not go as planned. The artichoke dip grows cold as the party devolves into a territorial battle over mating privileges. Does sex ruin everything? And what is the purpose of monogamy? Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bruce Norris's comedy explores the eternal struggle for power, status and getting laid.


Steppenwolf is committed to year-round programing that engages multi-generational audiences with thought-provoking productions and helps develop new works, new audiences and new artists for the future of American theater. In addition to the five-play subscription series, you can go more in-depth with free post-show discussions and you can support the Steppenwolf vision through inventive community programming that includes:


Settle into one of Steppenwolf's three theatres, each innovative and intimate, and watch as they redefine the theater landscape. You won't find a bad seat in the house, but you may find yourself gripping your chair as you get sucked into the storylines played out on stage.

And you'll have plenty of time for dinner and a show as you plan your visit. Located just a few miles north of the Loop, many excellent restaurants and things to do are nearby in the surrrounding Lincoln Park and Old Town neighborhoods. You may even find yourself at a table next to the director of the show you're seeing!

Check out our Events Calendar to see what exciting new shows are on stage at Steppenwolf while you're here and get the inside scoop from our Chicago Like a Local theater blog.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company
1650 N. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 335-1650
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