Le Sud French Mediterranean Cuisine

Le Sud French Mediterranean Cuisine

Roscoe Village


2301 W. Roscoe St., Chicago IL 60618

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Le Sud is a casual, neighborhood restaurant, focusing on the cuisine from the south of France, specifically the food of Provence.
The culinary culture of Provence, a picturesque region near the Mediterranean Sea in Southern France, has a very distinct gastronomy compared to the north and central France. The cuisine resembles more closely the sumptuous cuisine of Italy than Parisian meat-and-potatoes bistro fare. Gone are the heaviness of cheese, cream and foie gras. replaced by olive oils, fresh vegetables and seafood.
Le Sud is truly unique to the Chicago market. There are numerous French bistro/brasserie concepts, but all focus on the heavier, northern style of French cuisine. Cream and butter based sauces, more meat focused appetizers and mains, heavy use of cheese as a core component or accoutrement. We at Le Sud have chosen to take a lighter, healthier approach, something Chicago has never seen.

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