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Game Night Out


2828 N. Clark St., Chicago IL 60657

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Game Night Out™ offers a new opportunity to connect with family, friends, or co-workers. It’s a chance to showcase your knowledge, compete head-to-head, work as a team, make new friends, and uncover inside-jokes.

You and a group of friends, family, or colleagues will compete head-to-head, in teams, during a private 2-hour experience of all original party games. Each game moves fast, keeps you on your toes, and requires you to think quickly and work as a team. The experience is guided by a Host who helps introduce our games, explain the rules, encourage competition, and keep your experience on track and full of laughter.

We drew inspiration from a long history of the classic parlor games you know and love, then designed a complete experience around the best of the best. Some games make you think and some make you move. Each game is challenging enough to keep you guessing, but familiar enough so that everyone can participate and have a blast.

Oh, and feel free to bring a drink or two. We’re BYOB friendly!

Unplug. Reconnect. Laugh. Play.

Group Amenities

Average Visit/Tour Length 2 Hour

Team Building Activities Offered

Minimum Group Number 6

Maximum Group Number 24

Group Tournament Coordination

Minimum Size for Group Admission Rate 6

Miles from O'Hare Airport 14.0

Miles from Midway Airport 11.0

Miles from Navy Pier 3.5

Miles from McCormick Place 5.9

Miles from Downtown 3.3




American Express

Student Group Friendly

Reservation Cancellation Policy All reservations are final and non-refundable.

Reservations Accepted

Self-Parking Available On-site

Hours of Operation Sunday Thru Saturday 12pm-12am by reservation only.


Buy-out Max Capacity 24

Preferred Catering Providers

Number of Meeting Rooms

Off-Site Catering Allowed

On-site Audio/Visual Equipment

Complete Buy-out Available

Total Square Footage of Meeting Space 800

Max Venue Capacity 24

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5/5 stars. 93 total yelp reviews.

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