For the Love of Food
Rachel Bires lives the dream. The content creator slash photographer slash licensed attorney resides in Humboldt Park – the birthplace of the jibarito – and gets to chronicle her favorite Chicago discoveries of where to eat, play and shop on her blog: Rach, Esquire.
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Rhythm & Brews
Chicago native and lifelong Cubs fan, Mike Siegel has a passion for great beer. And as Goose Island’s Innovation Manager, he’s able to develop new beers everyday with his team of talented brewers, and enjoy all the sights and sounds this vibrant city has to offer.
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Nonstop City
Meet Ryan Mundy. A professional football player with an eye for design. When not on the field, he’s exploring the city day in and day out, and has a particular fondness for Wicker Park/Bucktown, River North, and anywhere with great steak. Check out some of his top places to go in Chicago!
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There is a Chicago for everyone. You could stay forever and never see everything. Share YOUR Chicago with us using #mychicagopix on Instagram and Twitter. From Skydeck to the lakefront to your favorite deep dish pizza we want to see what YOUR Chicago is all about. Select #mychicagopix will be featured on our social media channels.

Choose Chicago @ChooseChicago
Next week, Chicago welcomes the for the first time. Here's everything you need to know:…
Overcast? No problem. Spend some time at the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the best museums in the world. 📷: @ashlguo #mychicagopix
Some #traveltuesday views ✈️ 📷: @zbutler #mychicagopix . . . #wanderlust #mytravelgram #travelawesome #exploremore
It's foggy in Chicago ☁️ : @thenorthernnomads #mychicagopix
I’m and it’s been such a pleasure @TakingOverChooseChicago this week! Baptise & Bottle, located in the Conrad Hotel, is my favorite restaurant that has opened up in the past year. The views, the food, the’s all so great! Thanks for following along as I shared some of my favorite Chicago photos. Head over to my account to say hi and see more Chicago shots! #MyChicagoPix
Hi, I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. Duck Duck Goat, a chinese restaurant from Top Chef Alum Stephanie Izard, is located in the Fulton Market District. Not only is the food delicious, but this green room is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve seen! #MyChicagoPix
@choosechicago here and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. Coffee is one of my favorite things in the world and my favorite shop to grab a latte and get that #coffeeshoptabletop photo is CC Ferns. I’m so lucky I can walk there from my house! #MyChicagoPix
Good morning! I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago.Chicago has some of the coolest architecture that I’ve seen in any city and these are a few of my favorite buildings. #MyChicagoPix
I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago.One of the prettiest cafes in the city is the 3 Arts Club. The best part? It’s located inside of a Restoration Hardware! #MyChicagoPix
@choosechicago here again, #TakingOverChooseChicago. Here’s another view from 360 Chicago in the Hancock building, this time looking down at Lake Shore Drive from the north side of the building! I love how blue the lake looks in the spring and summer. #MyChicagoPix
Hi, I'm #TakingOverChooseChicago. Presidio, located in Bucktown, is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. Their brunch is the perfect way to spend any Sunday morning! #MyChicagoPix
Morning! I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago.The best place to escape the cold in Chicago is the Garfield Park Conservatory. They have different rooms showcasing different climates and the plants you can find there. My favorite room is the fern room, but a close second is the cactus room! #MyChicagoPix
Hey, I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. Hampton Social is a great spot to go with your girl friends where you can feel like you have escaped Chicago, even if just for a moment. My favorite dish there is this Seafood Wedge Salad! #MyChicagoPix
@choosechicago here, #TakingOverChooseChicago. Revival Food Hall, located in the loop, is an all-local dining concept spotlighting the best of Chicago’s acclaimed culinary scene under one roof. It’s the perfect lunch spot if you work downtown! #MyChicagoPix
Hi, I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. The rooftop bar at the London House has the perfect view of the Chicago River to enjoy while you’re enjoying cocktails with friends. The sunset from here is incredible! #MyChicagoPix
Good morning, here #TakingOverChooseChicago. Chicago has some of the best houses, all you have to do is walk around some of the neighborhoods to find them! #MyChicagoPix
Hey everybody, I’m and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. Every year, the Chicago Architecture Foundation holds Open House, which gives the public free access to over 200 buildings in Chicago for 48 hours. I took this photo from the Aon Center! #MyChicagoPix
@choosechicago again, and I’m #TakingOverChooseChicago. One of the best steaks I’ve ever had in Chicago is from @primeprovisions. It’s the perfect date spot where you can get an amazing meal, delicious cocktails, and even cigars! What’s your favorite steakhouse in Chicago? #MyChicagoPix
@choosechicago here #TakingOverChooseChicago. There are so many doughnut shops here in Chicago, but my favorite is @doughnutvault. Not only are their old fashioned doughnuts crazy delicious, but their facade is also super cute! What are your favorite doughuts in Chicago? #MyChicagoPix
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