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Choose Chicago Weekly Instagram Series, September 7-12


Each week, we feature one Instagram photographer who will get to feature their photos and videos on Choose Chicago's Instagram account all week long, part of our new #TakingOverChooseChicago series. This week, we chose Craig Shimala, aka TimeLapse Chicago. Enjoy!    

Incoming Restaurants Make the Second City a First Priority

Matt Kirouac

As one of the most influential food cities in the world right now, Chicago has a distinct culinary voice and dining scene entirely its own, but that doesn't mean we don't welcome incoming restaurants from other cities with open arms. 

Lately, Chicago has seen a massive influx of new restaurants and bars setting up shop in our fair city from other locales where they originated. Not only is this smart business acumen on their part, to broaden and strengthen their brand with a

Made In Chicago: Funeral Bonsai Wedding Bridge Two Of America's Most Traditional Styles For Debut

Funeral Bonsai Wedding

It's amazing what a change of pace and scenery can do for an artist's work. Country and folk singer/guitarist Steve Dawson is well established around Chicago (best known for working with Dolly Varden) but that didn't stop him from switching up his game and forming a new group he's calling Funeral Bonsai Wedding which celebrates its debut album release this Friday at Constellation in Roscoe Village.

Weekend Alert: September 12-14

World Music Festival

We've lost summer in name only - the weather is still gorgeous and there's plenty to do in Chicago this weekend! From a historical tour of one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods, to some outstanding music festivals, and a Mexican food & culture extravaganza hosted by some celebrity chefs, there's a good amount with which to fill your schedule. Hop to it, okay?

USA Eagles and New Zealand All Blacks Tour Chicago, Take Over Choose Chicago Social Media

USA Eagles New Zealand All Blacks

In anticipation of their historic Nov. 1 rugby match at Soldier Field, members of the USA Eagles and New Zealand All Blacks toured Chicago this past weekend, a whirlwind of attractions, local cuisine, and even a chance to take over the Choose Chicago Twitter and Instagram accounts.

11 Shows Not To Miss During Chicago's World Music Festival

World Music Festival

Every fall, the music of the world finds harmony in the World Music Festival spread across Chicago. Dozens upon dozens of concerts make up this 10-day celebration (Sept. 11 - 21) and this year the list of participating venues is longer and more varied than ever. Perhaps the most amazing thing about WMF is that it's all free. Thirty-nine concerts and events make up this year's schedule and none of them will cost you a dime. 

Three Fancy Financial Buildings on LaSalle Street

Board of Trade

LaSalle Street has its "canyon," ending at Jackson Boulevard with the looming Chicago Board of Trade Building. This street has always been the financial core of Chicago, even going back to its earliest days. Something about the street, with its shadows and the suits scurrying about, makes its buildings seem less welcoming. If it weren't for my generally nosy nature when it comes to architecture, I might just assume that these places are

Shaw's Oyster Fest Block Party Makes a Splash

Matt Kirouac

Just because Chicago doesn't abut an ocean shouldn't suggest our seafood isn't second to none. An apt celebration of our stellar seafood can be enjoyed at Shaw's Oyster Fest Block Party, taking place September 26.

Five Fun Parent/Teen Adventures in Chicago

Weekend Alert - Blog - Chicago Fall

Now that I'm officially the mother of a teenager (yikes!) I'm constantly on the lookout for fun activities that give us a chance to bond. I firmly believe that families that take the time to participate in fun new activities together are the families that experience (at least a little bit less) teenage drama. Here are five fun Chicago adventures that will give you a chance to laugh and play once again with your kid (trapped inside the body of a teenager).


The Fine Arts, a Piano Palace & a Preacher Man: Three Great Chicago Moments to Discover

Fine Arts Building

Chicago has seen dozens of daily newspapers come and go over the past century has publishing empires have waxed and waned. One of the greats that is no longer with us is the Chicago Daily News which saw its last edition run off the presses in 1978.

Fortunately, the Daily News photo archive found its way into the collection of the Chicago History Museum and thousands of these images are available online. I've pulled out three of the best in order to give you a few

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