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The Village



71 W. Monroe St., Chicago IL 60603

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The long-beating heart of the Italian Village, this is where you’ll experience us in our most classic form. Executive Chef Jose Torres serves traditional Northern Italian cuisine within the quaint atmosphere of an Italian village. Professional, long-time wait staff are likely to remember what you had last time you visited; if they don’t, they will next time. “We’re good with names and we know our regular customers,” says Gina Capitanini. “We greet them by name and that’s important. If you come here often, that makes you a regular and somebody special and we want you—and everybody—to feel that way.”

“Alfredo, Sr., he treated the customers like they were family,” she continues. “That’s been something also instilled in us, to treat them like family.” That tradition of hospitality is obvious to anyone who has visited us at The Village even once. We hope to have you again and make new regulars out of the rest of you

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The Italian Village Village Dining Room Manicotti Grilled Calamari Tiramisu Capreses Salad
Cloudgate (The Bean) at night

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