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Lonesome Rose

Lonesome Rose

Logan Square


2101 N. California Ave., Chicago IL 60647

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Lonesome Rose is an all-day restaurant and bar focusing on the rich cultural histories of the regional states of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.

While a border may divide two countries, the histories of these areas have long been intertwined, informing and influencing each other across generations. This is most evident in the regions’ drinking and eating habits, where ingredients, recipes, and techniques have passed continuously across these borders, improving with each pass.

With Lonesome Rose, we celebrate and explores this exciting history, with accessible, approachable menus and cocktails which focus on the flavors these regions share. Opening early, and staying up (very) late, Lonesome Rose offers accessible, creative takes on the best these border regions have to offer.

Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks every single day.

Cloudgate (The Bean) at night

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