Hairpin Arts Center
  • The Logan Square Chamber of Arts’ mission is to establish and promote a vital arts landscape in the Logan Square area. Through partnerships, technical assistance, and programming, the Logan Square Chamber of Arts fosters interaction between artists and arts organizations and the community. The Logan Square Chamber of Arts established the Hairpin Arts Center to act as a space for cross-disciplinary exchange. By offering a variety of traditional and experimental programming, the Hairpin brings together local, national, and international artists and arts groups, connecting them to the local community. By connecting artists with organizations, businesses and each other, the Logan Square Chamber of Arts assists artists in finding the resources they need, locally and beyond, to create and present work. The Logan Square Chamber of Arts seeks to create convergence – to provide a meeting place where art is presented and discussed with an engaged artist and an engaged public. The Hairpin Arts Center provides this space.
    General Facility Details
    • Hours of Operation: Check website for exhibitions and events