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Walking Tour: The World Within (Dazzling Interiors of the Loop)

Everyone does a boat tour when they visit Chicago. But as fun as that is, it’s a very tiny sliver of what Chicago has to offer architecturally! Let Inside Chicago Walking Tours guide you inside some of the most stunning interior spaces you’ll ever see — spaces you’d surely pass by without a second glance if you weren’t shown them by a seasoned, in-the-know tour guide.

Inside Chicago Walking Tours has scoured the Loop and carefully selected a number of buildings worth visiting for their interior architectural details, buildings that offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy over two centuries’ worth of hidden architectural wonders lying just behind closed doors.  On these walking tours, you’ll be amazed at the beauty beyond the façade that everyone else sees.  With Inside Chicago Walking Tours, you’ll get to know Chicago like you’ve never known it before!

Chicago’s Loop, full of offices, courtrooms, retail spaces, and business, is truly an overlooked treasure in terms of its gorgeous interior spaces.  There is so much beauty there, behind that well-known exterior:  it’s a beauty that is available to you to experience!  Let Inside Chicago Walking Tours show you this “second side” of the Second City!

NOTE: Sunday’s version of this route is slightly different, as a building we usually visit — The Rookery — is closed on Sundays. Instead, we visit a stunning interior that we ONLY visit on Sundays to make up for not seeing the Rookery. You’ll love it!


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