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Walking Tour: All That Glam (Art Deco Architecture)

This tour is the answer to many requests for an Art-Deco-specific tour because — let’s face it — we all LOVE the elegance, glam, and glitz of the 1920s. This 2-hour walking tour explores the interiors and exteriors of gorgeous buildings from this surprisingly brief architectural period in Chicago, with some interesting details and stories about life in that era. Flappers, gangsters, jazz, speakeasies — we’ll pepper those throughout our larger exploration of Chicago’s magnificent Art Deco buildings in order to truly set the context for you!

Though the Art Deco style throws us back in time, it’s actually a futuristic style — it’s meant to make people of its time think of the future. The gleaming materials, the perfect precision of the details… it’s the epitome of glitz, glam, and elegance. On this tour, you’ll walk in the footsteps of those high on the potential of the future, before the infamous Crash of ‘29. We’ll explore several stunning interior spaces within the Loop and near the Chicago River, going inside not only the great Art Deco buildings of the Loop, but also a few buildings you’ll recognize from popular boat tours. But the great thing is that you’ll go where most boat tour guests won’t ever go: inside these gorgeous Art Deco buildings, where you’ll be amazed by the beauty that people don’t know is right there behind closed doors.

Let Inside Chicago Walking Tours take you back to and inside this decadent period of our architectural history! Come join us as we fall into the glitz and glamor of the past!


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