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Volverse Imagen – Becoming Retina

Compound Yellow, the experimental art space supporting independent cultural production, participatory projects, and interdisciplinary collaboration to promote the arts and nurture collective knowledge along with critical discourse, is proud to presentVolverse Imagen- Becoming Retina,an immersive art installation by Maria Burundarena on view from September 9 – October 7

Volverse Imagen- Becoming Retina is a solo exhibition that features Burundarena’s latest work that explores finding pleasure and desire through the sense of discovery. Using photography, print media, and collage, she cuts out, reassembles, and condenses pieces of reality to play with multiple dimensions and invites the viewer to walk into several frozen moments that no longer exist in time and space. Photography becomes virtual by showing the viewer a fleeting moment, even if it looks like reality. The viewer becomes so entranced by it and its aura that they inevitably escape to the new reality to which the work takes them.

Through the use of a collage of images of broken surfaces in Chicago, the artist explores the relationship between time and abandonment in urban settings. Burundarena’s personal photographic archive surrounds the visitor in the gallery in order to romanticize a memory of what is lost, abandoned, and broken. She created an installation of fragmented images that play with multiple dimensions, generating a visceral sensation of being inside an image. The viewer’s immersion creates a sense of awe that goes beyond beauty and admiration and becomes an epiphany in which what is being observed is not a real image but a trace of reality. Here, the visitor can explore and live the images on their own terms for 30 seconds at a time. 

This exhibition is curated by Sofía Sánchez Borboa


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