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The Strength It Takes To Be Alone

The Strength it Takes to be Alone is a solo exhibition, featuring Yong Joo Kim, that runs from April 4th, 2024 through May 26th, 2024 in our River North gallery in Chicago.

The exhibition extends a heartfelt invitation to those who have experienced the profound struggles of isolation. Showcasing Yong Joo Kim’s sculptural wall installations and wearable art pieces, the work evokes a sense of connection, introspection, and resilience.

At the core of Yong Joo Kim’s sculptural art practice lies her unique method of applying pressure and weight to her chosen material. This technique not only captures her personal sense of pressure and burden, but also becomes a transformative method of creation, shaping forms that evoke the innate beauty found in the natural world.

With intentional restraint, Yong Joo Kim limits herself to employing hook-and-loop fasteners as her exclusive material. This deliberate constraint challenges her artistic mastery and inspires viewers to discover hidden beauty in the unlikeliest of places.

Through this exhibition, Yong Joo Kim invites viewers to reflect on the inherent strength and resilience found within the struggles of isolation. It celebrates the shared human experience of confronting inner challenges and offers a rich tapestry of inspiration, connection, and understanding. In the embrace of her art, one finds solace, personal connection, and the transformative power of artistic expression.

The Strength it Takes to be Alone passionately beckons us to embark on a collective exploration of vulnerability, introspection, and the profound strength discovered on our individual journeys. It calls for engagement with art that eloquently articulates our shared struggles, triumphant moments, and unwavering resilience, reminding us that, in the face of challenges, we are never truly alone.


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