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Theatre & Performing Arts

Splinter: A Romantic Comedy

A play for those held captive by theater itself. On the border of illusion and reality, the only constant is human feeling.

After a glorious Chicagoland premiere of Splinter: A Romantic Comedy in Wheeling and Evanston, IL, the play will be performed again at The Edge Theater at 5451 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 on Friday January 26th at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday January 27th at 6:00 p.m.

Splinter is a kind, light romantic comedy, based on French drama masterpieces. You will laugh and be a little sad. You will get a huge boost of optimism. The play is about love of the theater, about friendship and fidelity, and about the ability to dream. It is a sensitive and touching story about the theatrical world, where it is difficult at times to distinguish what is an illusion and what is reality. The only constant is human feeling.

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About Splinter

The aging actress dreams of returning to the theater, making new friends and losing old ones. Elizabeth is unrestrainedly devoted to her only passion – the stage. In it, she finds the strength to live, feel, love and hope. Theater is in her blood. It is like a splinter that does not let you forget about yourself…The action of this poetic and poignant performance takes place in a small run-down hotel. Next to the former (or maybe just failed) actress are two men. One is a lover to whom a girlfriend is already a burden. The other is an uncouth bellboy. With the help of the main character, he can approach the alluring and hitherto inaccessible world of theater. In the fictional world of Elizabeth, touching, naive and magnificent dreams are born and die, and the soul of a delightful dreamer and woman blossoms.


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