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Opening Reception: Liminal Space – Bethany Cordero and Deborah Newmark

Opening Reception

Friday, May 10

5 PM – 9 PM

Additional Information

Oliva Gallery

3816 West Armitage Avenue

Chicago IL 60647

847 922 5736

Join us for the opening reception of an extraordinary exhibition featuring the works of Bethany Cordero and Deborah Newmark.

Bethany Cordero delves into the depths of identity, memory, and the fleeting nature of the self. Through her sculptural assemblages, she explores the remnants of thoughts and memories, crafting symbolic bridges between the self of today and the liminal spaces of tomorrow. Each piece is a fusion of ancient materials, serving as containers for the congruency and contradictions of past and present.

Deborah Newmark’s work is a contemplation of the boundaries between thoughts, the beauty found in the unspoken, and the significance of fleeting moments. Through collage, drawing, and mixed media, she layers materials and gestures, discovering unexpected beauty in the intersections of form and concept, often through improvised or accidental means.

Witness the convergence of these two unique artistic perspectives, where beauty is found in the connections between the past and the present, the known and the unknown.

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