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Sumu Tokyo Ramen & Sushi
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1131 W. Madison St., Chicago IL 60607

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The head chef and owner, Paul Chotsuwan, has nearly 27 years of sushi-making experience. Trained by a Japanese sushi master in his early 20s, he has learned the most crucial notes of the Japanese craft. After exploring various avenues of sushi-making, he sought out to venture into the art of a different Japanese cuisine. Taught by a ramen master from Japan, he diligently practiced the delicate process required to make ramen by crafting noodles from scratch to finely curating its broth and toppings. In 2019, Paul opened SUMU Tokyo ramen restaurant to share his deliciously perfected teachings to Chicago. In addition to its authentic upbringing, SUMU is the first Chicagoland restaurant to present Mazemen ramen, broth-less noodles complemented with unique toppings.

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