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Pixis Drones


Pixis Drones is more than a market-leading drone show company; we are pioneers dedicated to elevating the art of storytelling through the limitless skies. With a foundation rooted in our mission to inspire wonder, ignite imagination, and create unforgettable experiences, we bring a unique blend of marketing DNA and Hollywood moxie to every project.

While our name resonates from iconic shows with brands like the NFL, Netflix, Warner Bros., McDonald’s, NASCAR, and Pac-Man, our portfolio extends far beyond, encompassing diverse B2B and B2C brands across industries and markets.

What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding your why—the core goals and objectives driving your event. From this understanding, our strategists fuse creativity with unparalleled technical expertise to craft breathtaking drone light shows that not only wow audiences but also deliver the ROI you seek.

Our impact doesn’t stop with the show itself. We provide stunning content that not only captivates and differentiates but also inspires lasting brand loyalty, ready for deployment across your digital channels.

Connect with us today to begin planning your next transformative drone show experience!

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Pac-Man Drone Light ShowParis Hilton Drone Light ShowNetflix One Piece Drone Light Show

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