This is Your Brain on Beer Comedy Show!
  • Mr And Mrs Smith Comedy And Motor Row Brewing

    This is your brain on Beer Comedy Show!
    Where comedians put their skills to the test after indulging in a few delicious brews from Motor Row Brewing.

    Stand up Comedy is a hard craft to hone. It takes years of refinement and dedication. Let's see how that holds up when each comic gets to do two sets: a dry set and the other on the juice! The stakes are high when the audience chooses who's skills held up the best!

    Hosted by: Ramon Smith and Leah Eva

    Motor Row Brewing (312) 624-8149

This is Your Brain on Beer Comedy Show!
  • Location: Motor Row Brewing
  • Address: 2337 S. Michigan Ave.
  • March 31, 2018
  • Motor Row Brewing