Chicago Theatre Week

Chicago Theatre Week is a celebration of Chicago’s world-class theatre scene. Presented by the League of Chicago Theatres in partnership with Choose Chicago, the fifth annual Chicago Theatre Week took place February 9-19, 2017. 128 shows offered $15 or $30 value-priced tickets to performances throughout the week, and thousands of residents and visitors took advantage of the opportunity to sample the extraordinary range of theatrical offerings throughout Chicago.

The annual theatre event will return in February 2018!

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“It’s the best thing to happen in Chicago!”

“It makes me feel SO GOOD to know that I live in a city that celebrates, elevates, and participates in theatre to such an incredible degree.”

“Theatre Week has sparked my interest in theater. I want to go more often.”

“I wouldn’t have seen this play otherwise, but I’m glad I did.”

“We had a great experience from ticketing to the theater to the show.”

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