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The Chicago Sports Commission (CSC) will pursue, support and attract sporting events and sport-related business opportunities to Chicago that will positively impact the city's economy. CSC will serve as a clearinghouse and resource for sport event owners and organizations interested in hosting events in Chicago. These efforts will continuously raise the sports profile of Chicago while establishing the city as a premier destination for sport tourism in the world.


Chicago has hosted some of the best and most exciting events in the world of sports. Chicago prides itself as being one of the best sports cities year-round, offering fans opportunities to attend some of the most competitive games in professional sports, or participate in competition themselves.


Chicago’s world-class venues can accommodate almost every professional and amateur sport discipline in the book. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you understand which venue is right for you and help your organization create the best atmosphere for competition and the overall event experience for your fans.
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Are you interested in directly influencing the production of major sporting events in Chicago and supporting Chicago’s celebrated sports profile? Find out how to join the team.


The Chicago Sports Commission launched in 2011. It is a registered 501(c)6 and is part of Choose Chicago®. The CSC is comprised of a dedicated, full-time staff and an impressive and experienced Advisory Board.

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Business of Sport Speaker Series: Driving Elite Athletes – Journey through Sport
Join the Chicago Sports Commission on April 16 to learn about the business efforts that drive some of the most well-known Olympic athletes to success and the roads they take after competition. Special Guests include Olympic medalists Bob Berland and Christine Magnuson, as well as USA Gymnastics President/CEO Steve Penny and USA Triathlon CEO Rob Urbach.

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