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The Second City Takes on American Politics—Hilarity Ensues: Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno Blends Silly & Smart

Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno

The Second City's 41st e.t.c. revue — Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno — has a mouthful of a title, paired with a belly full of laughs. The e.t.c. stage, known for its edgier, more Chicago-themed sketch revues, keeps to its reputation, housing two hours of non-stop, goofball, slap-your-thighs laughter with its newest comedy show.

4 Chicago Comedy Shows That Will Having You Laughing All Year Long


The comedy scene in Chicago is huge. In fact, you can see shows live seven nights a week all over the city. Many of them come and go, but these four Chicago comedy staples always entertain, no matter when—and how often—you drop in for a show.

Eat, Drink & Be Entertained: 3 Great Theaters with Equally Great Bars

Front Bar

Imagine the perfect night in Chicago: a tasty meal, great drinks, wonderful conversation and a captivating show to top it off. Now imagine doing all of that in one place. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not in this city. Because Chicago is a world-class theater city and a world-class restaurant destination, we naturally have a few amazing places where you can do all of the above under one roof.

Afro-Futurism Transports The Second City To Another Dimension

The Second City presents Afro-Futurism

The legendary Chicago comedy destination, The Second City, gets an entertaining dose of social and political commentary with the satirical revue, Afro-Futurism. Combining stand-up, sketch, music and performance, the production offers a multi-faceted view of the African-American perspective.

The Second City's First Bob Curry Diversity Showcase

Bob Curry Fellowship 

The Second City is focused on increasing diversity in comedy, and have now created an entire department towards these efforts. Dionna Griffin-Irons is the Director of The Outreach & Diversity program at The Second City and was kind enough to share a bit about their latest endeavor: The Bob Curry Fellowship.

Tim Stoltenberg On The Second City's Incomplete Guide to Everything

Second City Incomplete Guide 
"The Second City's Incomplete Guide to Everything" came out earlier this month to rave reviews. I shared a few words with one of the actors, Tim Stoltenberg, to gain a little more insight into the show. See what he had to say below.

Must See Comedy Events This Upcoming Week

Just for laughs

There are so many comedy events happening in this upcoming week. I know schedules get crazy, but here are a few that you really should not miss. Next week is loaded with comedy gold.

Comedy Shows For You And Your Valentine

My Chicago Valentine 

As the single day chosen to celebrate romance is upon us, you might be thinking, "Great, it's six degrees, it won't stop snowing, and I need something fun to do this weekend. What to do?" I hear you, trust me, I hear you. Now let me swoop in, strike down your February woes with my cupid's arrow and recommend some great date comedies for you to fall in love with.

A Guide to The Second City's Hottest Summer Shows

Second City

As someone who is knee deep in Chicago comedy, I can tell you first hand that it's difficult to keep up with the vast number of shows produced in this city. However, I am lucky enough to not only get to see a lot of shows, but am also privy to some inside scoop. So it's my pleasure to share with you my thoughts on the brilliant shows The Second City has on its resident stages right now.

Six Tips for Surviving The Second City

The Second City

Every year around this time I take my parents to The Second City. My dad loves the irreverent and topical comedy, but cringes when they break the fourth wall for a surprise audience interaction. His greatest fear is being onstage and, for the past 10 years, he's survived the improv bullet. Mom loves raunchy comedy. The dirtier the jokes, the harder the laughs.

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