Choose Chicago offers plenty of tools to make travel planning simple.  Provide lots of information to your group with sample itineraries, printable maps, event calendars, free promotional materials, international travel information and more.


Planning events and activities for each unique group can be challenging. However, these up-to-date event calendars let you easily search the incredible amount of diverse activities throughout Chicago. It is a simple way to search events by theme, dates or area, and find happenings that fit everyone's needs. And if your groups are looking for even more ideas, simply direct them to these calendars to discover everything from theatre performances, live music, festivals and more.

Itineraries are always a great way to maximize a group's time while making sure they experience the best of Chicago. Get fresh ideas for every type of traveler with these free itineraries. The student and youth groups could spend days exploring the incredible museums around the city and they will always remember pizza from Lou Malnati's, while the adventurous explorers will want to discover the city via a night-time airplane ride, and the luxury-seekers will love the spa and shopping tips. Whether they have one day or five, these itineraries will help plan the perfect trip for your group.


Welcoming guests to Chicago will be seamless with this pre-trip information. Travelers will know what to expect when they arrive, ensuring an exciting and stress-free trip. From cab fare to tipping customs, this travel guide is a perfect starting point. For international travelers, direct them to these handy international travel guides with everything from local time zones, customs information and more. 

Choose Chicago has an interactive map that displays anything from accommodations to tours. It's a great tool for orienting visitors to the city. There are also printable maps to include with the information — from CTA routes to a map of Hyde Park, you'll be able to easily direct groups around the city.

For guests on-the-go, make sure they have downloaded the free Choose Chicago Mobile App, which gives them access to all things Chicago. Travelers can search by interest, find deals or find things to do near their location. Link to download the mobile app.


Choose Chicago wants to help with every aspect of your planning. Explore the free marketing materials section of the website to get access to beautiful photos and videos of Chicago and example copy to help capture the essence of the city. Discover all of Chicago's recent accolades to help promote the destination and easily request bids with the Hotel RFP tool.


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