Upon logging in, you will be taken to your home screen. Click on the LEADS tab at the top if you are not defaulted directly to this tab.

Note: Depending on the role of the person logging in, you will see different things here. The majority of it will look the same with the exception of the assigned contact field. Also, the "Sales Lead Catchers" will see ALL leads, whereas "Sales Lead Contacts" will only see the leads assigned to them.Assigning Leads - Retrieving

On this screen, you can view leads sent to your property over the last year but will be defaulted to view NEW leads first (with the newest created leads at the top). The status filter will allow you to see leads in other statutes as described below:

  1. Any Status - all Leads
  2. New - the lead is tentative (not lost or definite) and the response date has not passed. NOTE: When a new lead is entered, the Choose Chicago Sales staff will no longer send you an email informing you a new lead is in the system – you must log in periodically throughout the day to retrieve leads.
  3. Pending - lead is not lost or definite but the response date has passed
  4. Closed/Won leads turned definite where your property was chosen
  5. Closed/Lost leads turned definite where your property was not chosen OR the lead was turned to lost business
  6. Closed/TBD - leads turned definite but the client has not chosen a hotel


You are able to sort your leads in various ways:

  1. Using one of the three (3) drop-down filters at the top:
    1. Status - Using this filter, you can select New, Pending, or Closed leads. Each status is explained in detail above.
    2. Group - This filter allows you to select the group which the lead originated from. (NOTE: you will only have access to Meeting Sales leads on the extranet).
    3. Responses - Select 'Yes' or 'No' to view leads you have either responded to or have not yet entered a response for.
  2. Keyword Search - This quick search tool allows you to search any part of the lead, including the account information, by keyword.
  3. Using the Starts With letters (below the filters but above the leads grid) which points to the Lead Name will display only those leads that start with the letter you select.
  4. Clicking on any of the Column Headers to sort ascending or descending by Opportunity (lead) ID, Opportunity (Lead Name), Organization, Hotel Response Date, Arrival/Departure Dates, Lead Status, or Responded Yes/No, Lead Create Date or Assigned Contact.

There may be instances where your property is added to a lead a few weeks or months after it is initially created, based on the changing needs of the client. In this case, the status may be "Pending" and it may not appear in the top 10-12 leads listed. Using the filters will be helpful in these cases.Assigning Leads - Retrieving


  1. Click on the OPPORTUNITY ID or OPPORTUNITY name of a NEW lead to open and assign it to one of your team members.Assigning Leads - Assigning
  2. Scroll down to the CONTACT section. Click on the CHANGE CONTACT button.Assigning Leads - Assigning 2
  3. From the drop-down box, select the name of the staff member you wish to assign the lead to and hit SAVE. If you do not see the team member listed, please contact our Partnership team to have the staff member added. If you (the Sales Lead Catcher) are also the person who will be responding to this lead, you may assign yourself and respond. (See instructional document

    "Responding to a Lead").

  4. The assigned Sales Lead Contact will receive an email notification as soon as you save the lead. The Sales Lead Contact will be responsible for responding to this lead using their own login credentials.

NOTE: All Sales Lead Catchers will receive a REMINDER EMAIL NOTIFICATION two (2) days prior to the Hotel Response Due date if you have not yet assigned the lead.

See our step-by-step instructional video

Issues or Questions?

If you do not see the team member that you would like to assign the lead to listed or are having trouble logging in, please contact our Partnership team at (312) 567-8461 or

With lead-specific questions, please contact the Sales Manager listed in the lead or you may also contact Maria Alvarez, Manager, Sales Administration, at (312) 567-8557 or


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