Two international airports within 20 miles of downtown Chicago

  • O'Hare International Airport was voted "Best Airport in North America" by readers of Global Traveler magazine 14 years in a row. In 2014, O'Hare regained its status as the world's busiest airport for flight operations and the new International Terminal 5 was lauded for its $26 million transformation that includes 24 new retail and dining spots
  • Midway International Airport's main terminal building is a brand new facility with three new concourses

Thousands of flights

  • 80 airlines serve O'Hare and Midway, so attendees can easily travel on the airline of their choice
  • Chicago has 2,815 inbound-outbound flights to more than 200 destinations, allowing attendees to travel here from nearly anywhere in the world

Nonstop travel 

  • With 168 direct domestic flights and 72 direct international flights, Chicago is an expert in hassle-free flying

Quick flights

  • Flights to Chicago from many major North American destinations are a quick two hours


Many freight delivery options

  • Seven class-one North American railroads converge in Chicago

Frequent passenger service

  • Amtrak boasts 56 trains arriving and departing from the city daily, creating a multitude of travel times to work around attendees' schedules

Efficient upgrades

  • Travel is faster than ever with several Amtrak routes servicing Chicago, such as those from Michigan and downstate Illinois, with recently increased speeds of 110mph


  • Chicago's Union Station is centrally located, featuring guest check-in kiosks and ticket agents, meeting and event spaces, wheelchair accessibility, shipping services, eateries, retail shops, and even a day spa


Plenty of buses

  • Greyhound has five metro-Chicago locations, including two 24-hour stations and 20 express routes to cities such as New York and Atlanta

Straight routes

  • Because we're in the heart of the country, our roadways offer straight routes. Many major highways funnel into Chicago, making up a network of more than 550 miles of highways in the county alone

Nearby attendees

  • Chicago is within a one-day drive for more than 46 million people, which means that a large portion of your attendees are most likely nearby


City Distance  Drive Time 
Cincinnati 300 miles approx. 5 hours 
Cleveland 350 miles  approx. 6 hours 
Des Moines, IA 333 miles approx. 5 hours 
Detroit 285 miles approx. 5 hours 
Grand Rapids, MI 180 miles approx. 3 hours 
Indianapolis 180 miles approx. 3 hours 
Kansas City 530 miles  approx. 9 hours 
Louisville 300 miles approx. 5 hours 
Milwaukee 95 miles  approx. 2 hours 
Minneapolis 410 miles  approx. 7 hours 
Nashville 450 miles  approx. 8 hours 
Pittsburgh 460 miles  approx. 8 hours 
Quad Cities 170 miles  approx. 3 hours 
St. Louis 300 miles  approx. 5 hours 
Toronto 500 miles  approx. 9 hours