Think you need a membership to get a great workout? Think again. From its Lake Front Trail to fitness classes in Millennium Park, Chicago has everything you need to keep it tight this summer.

17th Annual Chicago Summerdance


"Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), SummerDance brings people of all ages and skill levels together on a 4,900-square-foot, open-air dance floor made of 100% recycled plastic. The series offers free, introductory one-hour dance lessons by professional instructors followed by live music and dancing. The diverse lineup showcases various traditional and modern dance styles from all corners of the globe."

Chicago Dancing Festival

Dance Festivals

In its seventh summer now, the Chicago Dancing Festival will be celebrated over course of 5 days from August 20 to August 24. The festival's mission is to elevate awareness of dance in Chicago and create a new audience for it by presenting a wide variety of excellent dance, and providing increased accessibility to the art of dance. By featuring Chicago as a main dance destination, the Chicago Dancing Festival envisions raising the national and international profile of dance.

Gather Launches Farmer Series for Summer

Multiple different farmers market's will be pair with Gather Restaurant to create more organic specials inspired by local produce from the farmers. Gather is located at 4539 N Lincoln Ave, and recently became one of the RedEye's Top 10 standouts for "Best Outdoor Dining Destinations" in Chicago.

Bike Tours

Bike and Roll

A wonderful way to see the city of Chicago all year long, summer bike tours are even more rewarding and easily accessible. We recommend Bike & Roll Chicago and Bobby's Bike Hike.

Running Tours

Running on Lake Shore

City Running Tours allow you to explore the city on foot by walking or running, in a group guided tour or a personalized tour. City Running Tours Chicago runs 5k every day, with the option of completing Themed Routes which include a 26.2 mile package over 4 days or 4 visits complete with a finisher certificate.

Yoga at the Zoo

From June to September, Yoga at the Zoo is available for adults as well as parents and toddlers, with classes conducted under Lincoln Park Zoo's Nature Boardwalk structure to give all yoga students a view of the city skyline as they connect with the nature around them.

SUP Classes: "Stand Up Paddle Board" Yoga and Pilates

How can you best use the beauty and serenity of the lake combined with the relaxing practice of Yoga and Pilates? Both Chicago SUP Yoga and Chicago Paddle now offer weekend morning classes in the new trend of "stand up paddle board" instruction of these balance-focused exercises.

Urban Kayaking

See the skyline like never before. Chicago River Canoe & Kayak offers Skyscraper Canyon guided trips through downtown and Sunset Dinner Trips at the Lagoons, as well as River Rambles on quieter streams nearby.

Windy City Diving

The lakefront is beautiful and offers a countless number of fitness opportunities for Chicagoans and tourists alike, but have you ever considered what there is to do under the surface of Lake Michigan? Windy City Diving leads groups of 5-6 divers, with full boat transportation to and from the site, who dare to explore the depths of the lake. Find out what really lays at the bottom with Chicago's finest ship wreck diving charter.

Workouts In The Park

Millennium Park Workout

Free work out sessions (including Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Zumba) on the Great Lawn under the Jay Pritzer Pavilion are offered every Saturday morning from 7-11 AM (June 9 - September 1) open to all. (Schedule taken from

July 13 - Aug. 10, 2013

Aug. 17 - Sept. 7, 2013