Cold-Pressed Juicing: a technique that extracts the highest yield of juice and nutrients possible from each raw fruit or vegetable.

This month, the act of cold-pressed juicing is at the core of what's "Trending in Chicago." Whether it be juice bars, juiceries, juice apothecaries, or even seminars on all the above, Chicago is drinking a greener kind of beverage - or in some cases, a yellower, orange-er, and redder beverage, too. The modern take on the seemingly retro "juice bar" is sweeping through the city and even becoming a part of the city's prestigious dining and drinking scene.

Peeled Juice Bar (1572 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, & 940 Church St, Evanston IL)

As they like to say at Peeled Juice Bar, "peel away the status quo and move to the beat of a more vibrant life" - needless to say, this is not your average juice bar. Peeled Juice Bar is committed to bettering the Chicago community by raising awareness on the benefit of consuming their locally and organically sourced fresh juices, smoothies and nut milks. The team behind Peeled Juice Bar are skilled local artisans who live out their belief in the healing power of hand-craft cold pressed juices each day. While Peeled Juice Bar is an independent business located here in Chicago and in Evanston, IL, it is part of a much larger global effort to make a healthier world by "starting with a little green."

Harvest Juicery (1012 W Lake St)

Locally sourcing fruits and vegetables for its popular cold-pressed juices, Harvest Juicery began in Chicago last year solely as a juice bottle delivery service. After establishing significant juicing success in their role as the "21st century milkmen that really does your body good," Harvest Juicery opened its brick and mortar - or fruit and veggie - storefront earlier this year in Chicago's West Loop. Hand delivered to your front door or over a counter, all Harvest Juicery juice is created with the goal of being a product that is not only detoxifying and great for your health but also "tastes darn good, too."

Owen & Alchemy (2355 N Milwaukee Ave)

Owen & Alchemy juice

Opening in late September in Logan Square, Owen & Alchemy is an entirely reinvented incarnation of the traditional juice bar concept, dipping a toe in both the culinary and wellness scene. This gourmet, chef-driven, cold-pressed luxury juice mecca offers a "beyond-organic" counter-service café, dedicated to bringing a high-end, holistic approach to the concept of modern "juiceries" with a dash of progressive cuisine. Why in Logan Square, you ask? Anne M. Owen, partnered with Chef Jared Van Camp and Element Collective, cited the "creative mindset that blossoms in this West Side neighborhood" as making it a place where patrons would be willing to take risks along with Owen & Alchemy itself in opening such a uniquely concepted juice bar. Guided by the famous words of Hipprocrates "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food," Owen & Alchemy is self-described as a new modern juice apothecary that makes its juice cocktails and plant-based bites accessible to patrons by the bottle, by the membership, and by the cleanse.

Green City Market Fall Wellness Program

Farmers Market - Blog - Green City

Juice bars aren't the only ones who are embracing the wise words of the Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates. Throughout the month of September, Chicago's own Green City Market in Lincoln Park is launching its newest wellness program in partnership with omstead running through October 22, 2014. In direct response to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)'s recent finding that chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the U.S., this new wellness program focuses on educating children and adults alike on how best to prevent these health problems: by eating and drinking colorfully. Amy Cox, owner of omstead, believes that in partnering with the Green City Market, a wide base of people can be reach to teach about "basic, fulfilling and satisfying ways to utilize fresh, in season food to feel better." Green City Market provides the foundation for this healthy initiative, as the Market itself was created with the goal of encouraging and empowering Chicagoans to purchase and learn about sustainably grown food. With a mission that goes hand-in-hand with that of Green City Market, omstead is an Illinois-based organization that offers health coaching, healthy cooking classes for all ages, organic gardening coaching, and empowers urban individuals to live and lead a healthier life. Starting Wednesday September 10, tap into a more colorful and healthier way of eating (and living!):

  • Wednesday, September 10: Benefits of a Rainbow Diet
  • Wednesdays, September 17-October 24th: Flourishing Families
  • Wednesdays, September 17-October 24: Sound Seniors
  • Wednesday, October 15: Sugar Busters