Frankie's Scaloppine & 5th Floor Pizzeria
  • In a stylish dining room away from the busy pace of the prestigious Shops at 900 North Michigan Avenue, Frankie's Scaloppine & 5th Floor Pizzeria features one of Italy's most-beloved and appealing dishes. Frankie’s Scaloppine serves classic Italian pastas, seasonal fish, fresh salads, and Chicago’s most extensive list of scaloppines; choices include: chicken, veal, vegetable and seafood. The restaurant offers six different rooms for dining, a full bar, free wifi, and discounted parking. Celebrity signed plates hang from the walls, while thick orange drapery and calm lighting, set the mood for catching up with old friends, or closing that career changing deal. Juddino’s cookie cart finishes off every meal, as it is rolled up tableside, with it’s offering of different cookies and aperitifs, including Frankie’s homemade Lemoncello. Frankie’s Fifth Floor Pizzeria serves salads, antipasti and Neopolitan style pizzas. Individual ten inch pizzas can be made Sardinian style, exclusive to Frankie’s, or traditionally. Sardinian style pizzas are made with grana padano cheese and no sauce and served with olive oil, choose from Fennel and Rosemary or the Sardinian Red Onion. Traditional pizzas, made with Frankie’s red sauce, include more than just the classics: Sausage, Pepperoni, Real Cheese, or Margherita. The Rita D is made with Ricotta, Asparagus, Egg and Truffle Oil, and the Alla Checca has fresh Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella, Basil and Garlic. A separate cocktail lounge and well-stocked wine cellar round out the picture.